Main research topics in Adachi Lab. are Information Retrieval and Information Linkage.
Information has been explosively increasing, and it is difficult for users to select appropriate information from these huge data. We challenge this problem by using information retrieval and database techniques.
Our researches are as follows:

Research Topics written by Prof. Adachi

Information Retrieval

Information retrieval systems are used to satisfy a user’s need for acquiring documents relevant to a query. However, existing search engines may not avoid showing search results including documents irrelevant to users’ query because queries can be ambiguous. We propose methods that reduce disambiguations of queries and search results. In addition, for realizing scalability and load balance, we propose a Peer-to-Peer information retrieval scheme that searches and gathers relevant documents with small network traffic.

Query Focusing
Name Disambiguation
Relevance feedback
P2P Information Retrieval
Chart Retrieval

Information Linkage

Identification for Bibliographic Information
Similarity Search Index for Metric Spaces
Clustering for Network Data